Hotter by the day, Great design is key.
Design lives at the heart of everything the Colorrgrapes delivers. With competition for digital "share" getting hotter by the day, design is key. Our designers are experts and award-winners.

Creating a website from scratch involves a variety of skills and creativity, all of which we offer. We design creative and visually appealing web sites, landing pages, marketing material and blog themes for companies, businesses and individuals. We create attractive, eye catching web sites and blog themes that attract visitors. Our designers use the latest and sophisticated designing tools.

Our Experience and processes use solid graphic design principles and attractive layout that keeps your website clean and professional hence appealing. We also keep in mind the load time and ease in navigation.

Let us provide you with the WOW! factor of beautiful design married with intuitive usability. Following are some of the services that you may expect us to deliver:

Visual Design
Visual Designers at Colorrgrapes are committed to providing users with the joy of discovery. Our work includes Concept Development, Template Design, Style Guide Development, Illustration, Animation, Typeface Development, and more. Our designers collaborate intensely with the User Experience team on everything from websites to mobile interfaces.

Mobile and Emerging Platforms
Colorrgrapes has extensive experience designing compelling interactive experiences for digital platforms including mobile applications, mobile websites, kiosks, in-store digital displays and interactive television. We focus on understanding how users interact with these devices—and how interaction differs from using the internet through a desktop display.

User Scenario Development
Our personas are behavioral composites, rather than demographic segmentation. They distill the goals, behaviors and motivations of your users in a way that makes the design team more accountable for the product's success. To keep them meaningful, we look to create no more than three primary personas per product. Each persona has a set of prioritized user scenarios which describe the ways in which the user will utilize your product.

Interaction Design describes a wide range of product development tools utilized at Colorrgrapes, including: User Scenarios, Task Analyses, Interaction Models, Information Architectures, Functional Sketches, Wireframes, Behavioral Documentation and Prototypes. Our User Experience team leverages these tools to develop the right experience to meet user and business goals for interfaces ranging from websites to desktop applications, browser plug-ins, mobile applications, kiosks, and touch-screens.

Branding and Identity Systems
Increasingly, the web is the primary way consumers interact with a brand. Colorrgrapes brand identity team works to clearly define brand strategy and positioning, and translate these into an actual identity solution. Our goal: to create an online-friendly identity that works in all scenarios from web to mobile and beyond.

Usability Testing
We believe usability findings are valuable only when they lead to a better design (not to a fancy report). Our philosophy is reflected in our approach; we do tons of quick, practical usability testing throughout our process – from paper prototypes to visual designs, to functional prototypes to beta versions of products – in our in-house usability lab. Our motto is to test early and often, and trust our eyes – if 3 users in a row can't find the search feature; we don't need to check with #4.